How Much are the Legal Fees?

Here comes the million-dollar question!

One of the first questions clients ask us at initial meetings are regarding the fees they must pay for their legal issues. There are mainly two types of legal fees: The Fixed Fee and the Hourly Fee.

The Fixed Fee

Some legal services can be provided to a client paying what is called a ‘fixed fee’. This type of fee is a one-time fee that does not change no matter how many hours of work are allocated to the case when we start and finish the service.

In the Family Law realm, fixed fees are usually provided for:

Desk Order Divorce which is $2000 plus taxes and disbursements for divorces with no children and $2500 plus taxes and disbursements for simple divorces with children.

Fixed fees are also provided for drafting, negotiating and finalizing Separation Agreements or Cohabitation Agreements. These agreements’ fees range between $2,500 to $8,000 plus taxes and disbursements.

The Hourly Fee

This type of fee is most commonly used in family law. The Hourly Fee suggests that you pay based on the number of hours the lawyer works on your file. Depending on the complexity of your case, you may start and finish your case with a few hundred dollars. Sometimes the fees are in the tens of thousands of dollars if your matter is complicated and involves all sorts of issues such as custody, child support, spousal support and property division. If your case is taken all the way to trial, your legal fees can be more expensive.

  1. Leena Yousefi’s hourly fee is $400 per hour;
  2. Ari Wormeli’s hourly fee is $375 per hour;
  3. Quinn McRae’s hourly fee is $325 per hour;
  4. Susan Justice’s hourly fee is $300 per hour;
  5. Abib Ngom’s hourly fee is $275 per hour; and
  6. Jasmeet Mangat’s hourly fee is $250 per hour.

Please note that your lawyer has the obligation to spend days, months or even years learning about your life. If your marriage or cohabitation lasted 15 years, we have to learn what happened during those years and get to know you more. We need to know your personality, all aspects of your finances and your wishes.

We treat all of our clients like family and care about their cases. We provide the same level of service to all of our clients and expect respect and value for our services. Our focus is to effectively and efficiently deal with your case to keep your costs low and your results high.

Our Solution

A valid client concern is not knowing just how much they should pay because they themselves are not lawyers and do not know the legal complexity of their case. We can ease their concern by providing reasonable estimates for what can be expected. However, estimates are to be taken as informal estimates as so much can happen during the life of the case that at times it can be completely outside of our control to predict a true and final cost.

Litigation, specifically family litigation, is similar to one getting into an accident and having no insurance to pay for the damage. You have to pay the fees and have a resolution for a situation that could not have been foreseen. Understandably, many clients want to have some certainty regarding the fees they will be paying. For this reason, we have created an innovative option for our clients to allow them to choose what services they need and how much they want and are able to spend on their lawyer.

We offer both Fixed Fee and Hourly Fee options to our clients at all stages of litigation.

This means that before every stage of litigation, we provide the client with an option to choose a fixed fee for a certain procedure such as commencing their claim, applying for temporary relief, attending trial, etc. We do this by calculating the average fee for similar cases and using the average for the fixed fee. The actual fees may end up less or more, but the client taking the middle ground can be sure he or she does not have to pay more than the expected fixed fee.

We also provide the client with a choice to choose the hourly fee option. This option suggests that they will pay us as we go and as per our hours of work.



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