YLaw Group is a Vancouver Family Law Firm with Family Lawyers focusing exclusively on BC Family Law and located in the heart of Yaletown, Vancouver. Our Vancouver Family Lawyers specialize in BC family law and have an outstanding success record with family law litigation and settlements. YLaw has been voted as the Top Vancouver Family Law firm in Vancouver by Top Choice Awards. We are firm and assertive in court with an insatiable passion to help our clients win their cases.

At YLaw Group, our Divorce Lawyers relate to our clients on a personal level and do not treat them as mere numbers. We have morning meetings in which we talk about every client’s family law case and ensure we keep the clients up-to-date through every step of the family law process. Our motto is always quality over quantity.

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Over 90% of cases won in court in 2014*
Over 90% of our BC family law cases won in court in 2014 to present*.
Head office is conveniently located in downtown Vancouver
Voted as the Top Vancouver Family Law Firm in Vancouver in 2014 by Top Choice Awards.
Full focus on the client’s case
Voted as having the Best Vancouver Divorce Lawyers in BC by Lawyer Ratings.
Special focus on child alienation with 100% of cases won
Special focus on BC child alienation with 100% of cases won in BC this family law area.
Perfect knowledge of your case and ability to fully represent you
Perfect knowledge of your case and ability to fully represent you better than you can imagine.


Undivided Passion

Our Vancouver Family Law Firm’s undivided passion has resulted in us SUCCEEDING IN 90% OF OUR CASES IN 2014 to present*. Our Family and Divorce Lawyers in Vancouver value the story of every person walking through our door. As we hand pick our cases, we take the time to nurture them until they mature and reach a safe shore. Our representation of you first begins with understanding who you are, where you have been and where you want to go. We then create an image and a story of you for the judge. Next, we apply the correct law to your case to make sure you are successful in court. We stand by our quality of service; it’s all we know and all we practice.

Cutting-edge Knowledge. Experience is Nothing Without it

Do you know of any other Vancouver family lawyers who read every recent court case coming out of the British Columbia courts and consistently give and attend legal seminars with other judges and lawyers? We help shape law in our client’s favour rather than just apply the law. Our innovative strategies in court come from our dedication to developing knowledge and connections beyond the courtroom.

Impeccable Memory. Sky-High Standards

The devil is in the detail. A good Vancouver divorce lawyer will need to: 1) Learn all details of your marriage and divorce, 2) Remember all those details in court or in settlements. If these two elements are not perfected, you will have a high chance of losing in court or reaching a bad settlement. We care about you. So we will remember you and the fine details of your life. We believe in nothing less than perfection so if you leave your case in our hands, we will provide you the highest standard of care.


Ross Rebagliati Olympic Gold Winner

What Our Clients are Saying

“Ms. Yousefi has been a saving grace for me throughout this extremely challenging time in my life. She is sincere, dedicated and knowledgeable… … I put my complete trust in Leena and I couldn’t be more happier with the results.”

Ross Rebagliati


“Leena is passionate, hard working and knows the law. She put 110% into my case. I have fought what has felt like a losing battle for 6 years and had various different lawyers during this time. Leena is the only one who actually produced positive results for my children.”

“Ronak Yousefi is an astonishingly superb Lawyer, displaying mindful acumen. She was very full of empathy for my painful stress endured throughout my Litigation. Leena rescued my case as it had been previously complacently mishandled by my initial Lawyer who was primarily focused on bleeding me financially having seen my net worth…”

“Ms. Ronak Yousefi is a dedicated, result oriented, companionate, hard working, and knowledgeable lawyer. She guided me through all the ups and downs of the process with great confidence towards complete success in my case. She is patient listener who follows through on her advice. I strongly recommend her and her associates. ”


At YLaw Group we value our clients, their stories, questions and concerns. We invite you to give us the opportunity to address your case and the possible solutions even if you do not end up retaining us. We do not ask you to choose us. We ask you to choose the right lawyer. We invite you to consult with a couple family lawyers prior to choosing who you better connect with. Our initial consultations fees are as follows: for Leena Yousefi, $150 for 30 minutes and $300 for one hour. For Abib Ngom, $125 for 30 minutes and $250 for one hour. For Elizabeth Wong, $115 for 30 minutes and $230 for one hour.