Case: J. V. v. W.B (Oral Reasons)

BC Exclusive Use of Family Home, Family Asset Division, BC Spousal Support, BC Occupational Rent, Damages and Special Costs.

In this case, I represented the wife in a very unusual family case to the point that the judge had a very difficult time believing the facts I was providing in Court.

The wife was Chinese and spoke limited English. The Husband was a car salesman who spoke very good English and had made it his career to take advantage of Asian women. The husband lured the wife in to thinking he was earning tons of money and had tens of thousands of dollars in income every month.

The Scam Artist

The husband moved in to the wife’s home which was located in West Vancouver, BC. After a year of living together, the wife found out that the husband was obsessed with Asian women, had several mistresses all over Canada and in China and did not earn a penny. The husband would take cash advances out of the wife’s credit cards without her knowledge and would use those to travel to China to meet his mistresses. He would use the wife’s money to buy expensive presents for his mistresses and buy land all over Canada with them.

On the day the wife found out about the fact that she was being scammed by the husband, she came home to change the locks. The husband immediately called the police, got on his hands and knees and cried so much to the point that the police was lead to believe the wife had abused him. The police kicked the wife out of her own home and allowed the husband to stay.

Exclusive Use and Occupancy of the Home and Success in Chambers

A few months later the wife came to me and hired me to get her back into her home. She had sneaked in to her house one night and found that her entire living room, kitchen and beds were stained with wine and beer. There were Asian porn magazines all over her bed and various ejaculation stains on her sheets. The entire house was a complete mess and looked like an episode from Hoarders.

We immediately set down an Application and sought for the wife to be allowed back to her home, for the husband to leave the home and for the husband to pay her legal costs. We were successful.

Awards at Trial: 100% reapportionment of Family Assets, Damages and Special Costs.

At trial, the husband sought 50% of the family assets and family home which were worth over $1.5 million dollars and owned by the wife. We successfully argued 100% reapportionment of the home to the wife’s favour, we obtained over $100,000 for damages the husband had caused to the home in addition to being awarded special costs which are extremely rare in Family cases.

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