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Susan Justice
Family & Personal Injury Lawyer


The always brilliant Susan Justice is our Surrey family and personal injury lawyer. Her secret to success is her passion which goes deep in to the psychology of every relationship and every need of her clients. Her success as a lawyer speaks for itself. But perhaps more important is the way she has manages to change her clients’ vision of life and future:

As a lawyer, Susan Justice has achieved the following:

  • Major success rate in every interim application at both the Supreme and the Provincial Court;
  • Over 90% rate of client retention and satisfaction;
  • Over 90% success rate at settling her cases through mediation;
  • Heavy community involvement such as being a committee member at the Surrey Board of Trade and the Sikh Research institute.

What Sets Susan Justice Apart

Beyond being a lawyer, Susan is a passionate and caring human being who often acts as a life coach to her clients. Susan studies relationships and has read countless research and books on what makes relationships work and what doesn’t. She tries to go deep into her client’s mindset, learning from the mistakes that were made in the past and how to change her clients’ outlook on the future. Susan helps her clients on a personal level as follows:

  • She helps her clients change their outlook on past relationships and transforms them into strong, positive human beings who will look forward to the next chapter of their lives;


  • She focuses on sending out positive energy to her cases and to help her clients envision the life and results they want to have. Incredibly enough, her clients often achieve the very results Susan helps them envision; and


  • She educates her clients on how to never repeat past mistakes and make positive and constructive decisions in the future.

Your First Impression of Susan Justice

Susan is confident, intelligent and has an aura about her that makes you curious about her and who she is. In the court room, she is resilient, positive and calm.  This is because she doesn’t just focus on law and litigation. She focuses on all the qualities that make a good lawyer, some of which have nothing to do with law:

To be a good lawyer, one must perform under pressure, stay calm, be good at public presentation and think on her feet. Susan practices Vipassana meditation daily, and has attended isolation meditations for 10 days at a time, in order to learn the ancient Buddhist practice of mindfulness.

She has learned how breathing, thoughts, feelings, body language and actions can be used to gain insight into the true nature of reality of oneself as well as understanding one’s opponent in any situation. These talents and trainings make her stand out as a lawyer because her focus is not just on what is obvious; it is on what is hidden and unnoticed by many, but most potent and influential.

Susan’s Personal Life

Susan mastered the violin in Canada and as well as in London, UK. She is an active professional choreographer and dancer, having won various awards through dance competitions, workshops and camps. Susan is also a natural problem-solver. Since a young age, she has been exceptionally talented at solving difficult equations in math, winning countless math competitions and awards. She also won multiple awards for poetry.

Susan Justice’s Community Involvement

Susan is heavily involved with the South Asian and legal community while being part of various legal associations. Susan is a key member of the British Columbia Committee for the Sikh Research Institute.

A thought leader in family law, Susan is featured on a weekly television shows every Saturday on Joy TV, namely, Dil Diyan Gallan and Jaagriti providing legal tips and guidance to the South Asian community. Susan is a devoted blogger and has also been featured on a radio call-in show, RED FM, allowing listeners to ask questions regarding family law.

Susan is very active in her community, supporting many organizations such as Sikh Research Institute, Punjab Digital Library and Guru Nanak’s Free Kitchen (for the homeless).

Susan’s Memberships and Affiliations

 Susan sits on various authoritative boards and is affiliated with the following head organizations:

  • Canadian Bar Association
  • British Columbia Civil Liberties Association
  • Vancouver Bar Association
  • Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia
  • New Westminster Bar Association
  • South Asian Bar Association
  • Surrey Board of Trade Women in Business Committee Member
  • Association of Women in Finance Committee Member (Langley Chapter)
  • Sikh Research Institute (British Columbia Chapter) Committee Member


Susan speaks the following languages fluently:

  • English
  • Punjabi
  • Hindi
  • Urdu

To get in touch with Susan, email her at susan@ylaw.ca or call her at 604-283-6413. 

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