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Ari Wormeli
Vancouver Family Lawyer


Our Vancouver family lawyer, Ari Wormeli, is an academic library unto himself and has been the backbone of almost every major court success YLaw has ever had, even before he joined YLaw.

Ari has also been the mentor to numerous family law lawyers due to his rare and unique qualities, such as his incredible knowledge of family law, his creativity, and of course his presentation skills in court. He has also been and will always be the inspiration and mentor to Leena Yousefi, the founder of YLaw. When the two of them join forces on a case, they become a force to be reckoned with. They have won multiple groundbreaking cases in BC in family law as explained below.

Why Ari is a Blessing to Clients and Family Lawyers

Ari’s schedule is filled up not just by his clients, but by numerous other family lawyers who call him constantly for advice and strategy on their own cases. He is respected not just by his clients and other lawyers, but by judges and other legal professionals who see the talent, wisdom and commitment he has to family law.

The reasons for why so many people and lawyers need Ari’s help and assistance are as follows:

Ari’s Long Term Strategies: Ari does not get caught up in his client’s drama or the other side’s drama. As soon as he gets the facts of your case, he begins building a picture, an image, a story of you. One that will find itself in front of a mediator, the other lawyer or the judge. The way he sculpts your case makes sure that no matter what angle you are looked at from, you are always protected.

Ari’s is an Academic Library: Ari is the type of lawyer that goes home at night and immediately starts reading the latest family law cases out of our courts. He knows of almost every latest trend in family law, remembers every case he reads and when a lawyer reaches out to him with a question, he always has an answer and a supporting case in his mind.

Ari Knows Theatre: The court is a like a theatre. The way a lawyer talks, the tone of voice, focus, conciseness, the story, the climax and the outcomes are all things that are necessary for winning a case in court, just like in theatre. Coming from a theatre background, Ari knows how to present his case is a concise, clear and confident way.

Ari is a Problem Solver: Ari looks at problems from a 100 feet above and not from the ground up. When he does that, he sees the big picture and the goals of his clients and the opposing side. That gives him the ability to come up with solutions that are so creative, not too many people have come up with. His problem solving skills are a major asset when he settles his family law cases.

Why Ari Wormeli is the Right Lawyer For You

Ari is the type of lawyer who will think about your case day and night. He is full of creative energy. He will come up with different predictions and scenarios for your case. He will challenge you, seeking out potential weaknesses and factoring those in.  Next he will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of your case and will collaboratively come up with a solution to resolve it.

Ari is the mentor and brain behind almost every strategy at YLaw. All of YLaw’s lawyers discuss strategy and obtain guidance from Ari. Being in Ari’s hands means having four lawyer brains on the same case. We all brainstorm and come up with the best way to advance your case, but Ari gets the cake as the most knowledgeable one of us.

Why Ari Wormeli is the Biggest Blessing for YLaw

Ari and Leena Yousefi the founder of YLaw went to the same law school, University of Victoria. Ari quickly became Leena’s inspiration, and they went on to become best friends and colleagues for the years to come. After law school, Ari and Leena began working together at one of the biggest family law firms in Vancouver. They were two peas in a pod. They complimented each other on every case. Then destiny took them to different places. They both however knew that one day they would join forces again to become one of the most potent, successful duos in the Vancouver family law realm. 

When they worked apart, they talked to each other constantly and took on major ground breaking cases. Together they won one of the highest child support award cases in BC. Next they joined forces again and won one of the most successful and rare cases in setting aside a 5 year old consent Order and obtaining their client hundreds of thousands of dollars in spousal support

Leena pursued Ari for years before Ari finally honoured her in joining YLaw. Leena and Ari are inseparable both career wise and academically. It took 10 years of friendship and time investment, and now YLaw’s dream has come true in having Ari onboard.

Ari’s Education and Achievements

  1. Ari obtained his Law Degree from the University of Victoria;
  2. Ari obtained his Bachelor of Arts Honour’s Degree from York University in Toronto;
  3. Ari has been a presenter at the prestigious Continuing Legal Education of BC on one of the most complex areas of family law and financial statements. To read his paper, click here. 
  4. Ari was also a key presenter to notaries in Langley, BC on matrimonial property and property transactions during separation or divorce.
  5. Ari is member of the:

To contact Ari, email him at ari@ylaw.ca or call 604-974-9529.

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