YLaw has established itself as the leading award winning family law firm in Vancouver. Founder, Leena Yousefi has escalated the firm to new heights through her outstanding work and passionate contributions to the local community, both through client representation and technology. YLaw has been recognized through a variety of platforms and mediums throughout the years and we truly appreciate our community and industry’s ongoing support.

Top Choice Award Winner | Voted Top Family Law Firm in Vancouver 2014

YLaw was the award winning law firm of of the Top Choice Mark of Excellence for our clients. We were chosen as the best family law firm to represent clients in Vancouver. Our exceptional success rate of winning over 90% of our cases in 2014 and 2014 also helped. Our Top Choice Award is a true symbol of our success and growth throughout the years.

Lawyer's Weekly: Overcoming the fear of starting your own practice

Lawyer’s Weekly highlights influential thought leaders and key legal industry updates. Leena’s journey as the founder of YLaw was featured with special attention given to entrepreneurial spirit and experience versus persistence.

National Mediation - Advocacy competition, Toronto, Canada

Leena competed nationally and against every law school in the country on an intense legal competition and became a semi-finalist after having knocked out several other prestigious Canadian schools and their representative students.



Voted Top Family Law Firm
2014 Vancouver, BC