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Jasmeet Mangat
Family & Personal Injury Lawyer in Surrey and Vancouver


The always compassionate and motivated Jasmeet Mangat is our family and personal injury lawyer who works from both our Vancouver and Surrey offices. Her greatest assets are:

  • communicating with her clients properly,
  • not leaving them in the dark,
  • understanding their perspective,
  • and stopping at nothing to fully protect them.

Jasmeet’s Achievements and Success:

Some of Jasmeet’s achievements as a lawyer and person are as follows:

  • Graduated Law School with First Class Honours;
  • Several scholarships awarded for her attendance at the University of British Columbia;
  • Community and Charity Liaison at the Queen Mary Pro-bono Society at Law School;
  • Major success rate on interim applications including successfully obtaining protection orders, exclusive occupancy, spousal support, child support, parenting time, etc.
  • Successfully settles over 90% of cases prior to trial in an efficient and favourable way;
  • Appears as a guest lecturer for the Law Courts Center;
  • Trained with an extremely experienced and prominent family lawyer;

Jasmeet’s Court Experience

Jasmeet has successfully protected her client’s interests at the following court levels:

  • BC Court of Appeal – Family Law;
  • BC Supreme Court – Family and Personal Injury (both Plaintiff and Defence); and
  • Provincial Court of BC -Family and Civil.

Jasmeet is the Right Lawyer for You

As a person, Jasmeet believes that in litigation people lose perspective and she helps her clients visualise what they are truly seeking. As a family lawyer, she is relentless and works hard on the behalf of her clients to assure that her clients are represented effectively at all stages of their litigation. She is a believer in working collaboratively to achieve the best possible results, and if this is not possible then she is not afraid to litigate her files and achieve the best results for her clients in the courtroom.

Jasmeet is a problem solver who will relentlessly work on your case to ensure you receive the best possible outcome. Her skills as a family lawyer, her background in personal injury law as well as sociology, allow her to look at her client’s unique cases from all different angles. This is how she can mount the perfect defence or offence in your case. She believes in being forthright with her clients and will continue to work with you on your case keeping you apprised of every step along the way. She is a tough negotiator and does not shortchange her clients.


Jasmeet speaks fluent Punjabi and English, and is able to understand Hindi.

Jasmeet’s Personal Life

Outside of being a family and personal injury lawyer, Jasmeet enjoys being outdoors, exploring hiking trails with her adorable dog Gizmo, participating in trail running, and travelling. She is a backpacking enthusiast and believes all you need to travel is the will to want to participate in the different cultures around the world, the desire to truly learn about the different places, and a good pair of shoes. Luckily her husband shares in her joy for travel.

To reach Jasmeet, email her at jasmeet@ylaw.ca or call 604-974-9529.

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