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Prenuptial Agreements can be easily set aside or cancelled if you do not follow strict rules that are laid out in family law legislation….

May 10, 2017

s.211 Reporters – Review and Recommendations by a Family Lawyer

I am a family lawyer in BC and I have dealt with almost all the well known s.211 reporters or psychologists for…

May 2, 2017

BC Family Law Series Part 2 | Notice of Family Claim to Judicial Case Conference

So you just got served with a Notice of Family Claim and your ex is claiming everything under the sun? Join…

April 29, 2017

BC Family Law Series Part 1: We Just Separated…What Do I Do Now?

  “We just separated..what do I do now?” is the most common question that I get as a family lawyer practising…

April 28, 2017

How to Get a Simple Divorce in BC: Uncontested Divorce

Ha, I know you are thinking no divorce is simple to get, but hey if you and your spouse agree on…

April 4, 2017

5 Types of Family Lawyers to Avoid

Knowing the types of family lawyers to avoid may mean everything in your family law case. Not all family lawyers are…