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YLaw is an award-winning BC litigation law firm that aggressively pursues resolution in family law matters, criminal defense and civil disputes. Our cutting-edge approach to litigation has resulted in a 90% success rate in court during the 2014 to 2016 years.

First and foremost, we are trial and settlement lawyers. As such, we present a compelling case to jurors and judges. Because we are in the courtroom almost every week, thinking strategically is second nature to our lawyers. We are methodical in our preparations to gather crucial evidence and build your case. Using modern technology and techniques at our disposal, we conduct a thorough investigation of your case. We are trained in the art of witness examination to get the answers that support your position.

  • Criminal Litigation Lawyers

    A criminal arrest can adversely affect your finances, your family and your freedom. In addition, you may jeopardize future job opportunities and your reputation if convicted of theft or assault. With so much at risk, you need an assertive, experienced advocate to challenge the charges against you.

    Our criminal defense team defends you against accusations such as:

    • Theft under $5,000: Criminal Code of Canada, Section cc. 322 imposes up to two years of incarceration for conviction on theft of property valued under $5,000.
    • Theft over $5,000: Section cc. 322(1) of the Criminal Code imposes up to ten years of imprisonment if the conviction is for theft of property over $5,000 in value.
    • Assault: Section 265 of the Code governs assault charges, including simple assault, sexual assault and aggravated assault.
    • Domestic assault: Our knowledge about family law and criminal defense is crucial in raising an effective challenge to domestic assault charges.

    If you have been arrested, do not speak to police officers or prosecutors until you have consulted a lawyer. Even an offhand or seemingly innocent comment may give law enforcement investigators incriminating evidence against you. YLaw Group can advise you of your rights and protect your interests during interrogations and prosecution. Don’t delay. Call us as soon as you are arrested or suspect you are the target of a police investigation.

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  • General Civil Litigation Lawyers

    YLaw has the reputation for being formidable opponents in the courtroom. Our lawyers have the polished skills and passionate determination to reach positive results in diverse types of civil disputes. We develop a tailored trial strategy and present a strong argument on your behalf.

    We remain mindful of costs, but never hesitate to recommend a course of action that can improve your chances of success at trial. Our goal, after all, is to put the most amount of money in your pocket. From the plaintiff or defense side, our lawyers can help you with cases involving:

    • Commercial matters
    • Construction
    • Contracts
    • Corporations
    • Estates
    • Insurance policies and recovery
    • Landlord/tenant issues
    • Real estate
    • Shareholder matters

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