Family Law Settlement – Your Best Option

Believe me all of us BC family law settlement lawyers want a peaceful exit. Doesn’t everyone? You’ll be surprised that many spouses actually don’t. If you or your spouse are some of those lucky ones who can separate feelings from divorce, family law settlements are your way to go.  Since YLaw Group’s family lawyers exclusively concentrate their practice on family law matters, they know when to settle and when to fight. We always prefer settlements over conflict. Unhealthy conflict will only hurt you. So if there is an opportunity to depart your ways peacefully, we will focus on that more than anything else. There are various ways to settle: settlement conferences, mediation or arbitration are some of the options. Our award-winning team listens to your individual needs and goals and offers advice on the best path to reach your family law settlements. We strategize negotiations and settlements with the same thoroughness and intensity as when preparing for litigation.

  • BC Family Law Settlement Conferences

    A family law settlement conference is an informal private meeting with the judge.  That judge will guide you and your spouse to settle. The BC family law settlement conferences typically last half or full days in court. Often, the settlement conference saves you money because you are not charged for the judge’s time, as you would be for a mediator or an arbitrator. The process has a high success rate and is one of our favourites. Both you and your spouse must agree to participate in the BC family law settlement conference. YLaw Group helps strategize a plan of action before, during and after the conference. A family law settlement conference requires various steps to be followed:

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  • Mediation

    Mediation involves a neutral senior family law settlement lawyer who guides you and your spouse toward an agreement – hopefully a final agreement. Mediation can often save time and money by leading to a timely resolution and avoiding the costs associated with litigation. In addition, the conciliatory mediation process also reduces the stress and hostility caused by a contentious trial. For parents, the process lays the foundation for cooperation in making important parenting decisions for their beloved children. If mediation is right for you, our lawyers develop a strategy for negotiating the best settlement possible. We also know the best mediators in town so you will be in good hands. 

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  • Arbitration

    Arbitration means if you don’t agree on things, someone will make the decision on your behalf. Arbitrators are usually senior family law lawyers. You and your spouse have the opportunity to submit evidence and argue your case before an experienced arbitrator. You are likely to spend less money and time on arbitration than you would in trial. In addition, arbitration can usually be scheduled much sooner than the one to three years that a typical family law case takes to reach trial.

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  • Marriage or Prenuptial Agreements

    Marriage or prenuptial agreements protect your assets and help you and your spouse avoid litigation should your marriage or common law relationship dissolve. You can enter into a marriage agreement or prenup prior to your union or at any point during your marriage. YLaw Group recommends a marriage agreement in almost all of our cases. We can assist you and your spouse in negotiating equitable terms regarding division of property, allocation of debts, spousal support, child support, child custody, wills and estates and dispute resolution provisions. Our BC family law settlement lawyers can also help you uphold or challenge the terms of an existing agreement as well.

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  • Separation Agreements

    A separation agreement allows you to move on with your life without worrying about how long your divorce will take. A separation agreement is not for everyone; you and your spouse must be highly motivated to go your separate ways and reach an amicable solution. The agreement establishes temporary terms pertaining to child custody, child support, spousal support, property division, debt obligations and other marital separation matters. Be careful about entering in to unfair separation agreements – they can be set aside.

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Learn More about Alternatives to Trial

We need to know your case in order to advice you of the best option for settlement. Every case has different facts and history. It is best to at least consult with our award-winning family lawyers to know how to follow the separation or marriage path. Call us at 604-974-9529 or get in touch. 

This page was updated in February, 2017 for more accuracy, freshness and comprehensiveness. 



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