BC Parental responsibilities are the ability to make decisions for the child and generally ensuring the care and protection of the child. BC Parental responsibilities may mean making day to day decisions for the child, or making major decisions such as the child’s religious upbringing, education, activities, residence, etc. BC Parental Responsibilities are laid out in s.41 of the Family Law Act. Under the Divorce Act, they are called Guardianship.

Our award-winning parental responsibilities lawyers focus only on the best interests of the child. By focusing on this single important area of law, our family lawyers have refined our innovative approach to each of our cases. We know your child means the world to you and we take decisive steps to protect him or her during and after your separation. Contact us today regarding any BC parental responsibility or guardianship issues.

Day to Day & Major Decisions for the Child

Guardians generally have the ability to make day-to-day decisions for the child while the child is in their care. These include the many minor decisions throughout a typical day such as choice of food, school routine, homework, outings, activities, etc. Parents generally share these responsibilities

Making Major Decisions Relating to the Child

As a parent, you also share the task of making major life decisions for your children. Examples of major decisions pertain to the child’s residence, relationships, education, extracurricular activities, religion, culture, health care and a variety of other crucial matters that impact your child’s life. The overriding concern is that the decision is in the best interests of the child. If you and the other parent are unable to agree on a major decisions relating to your child, you can always mediate the issue, obtain the assistance of a parenting coordinator or have a judge make a final determination

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    Shared & Sole Parental Responsibilities or Guardianship

    Most parents share parental responsibilities of children. As long as you the biological parent you will be presumed to be a guardian and capable of making decisions for the child. Having joint parental responsibilities also means that you should consult the other parent about major decisions that affect your child. When disagreements arise, the court may make a decision on your behalf or you may obtain the assistance of a parenting coordinator.

    In rare cases, one parent is granted sole parental responsibilities or guardianship, and thereby is allowed to make all major decisions with no input from the other parent. A parent might lose guardianship because of addiction, mental illness, child alienation or child abuse.

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Protect Your Parental Rights

YLaw Group and its awarding winning family lawyers focus exclusively on family law and issues in child custody and parental responsibilities. Consult with us to obtain your full rights and to act in the best interests of your child. 

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