Divorce Means Moving on and Opening Another Chapter

Congratulations, coming to the point of applying for a BC divorce is a huge milestone you have achieved. You have probably settled all your other matrimonial issues. Or maybe not..maybe you don’t even know that you can’t get a divorce without settling or resolving everything else. So either you are at the beginning or the process or at the end. It’s confusing, I as a Vancouver divorce lawyer know. And you are not alone. So let’s get started and learn somethings. Before that though, just note:

Whether you have settled everything or not, our Vancouver Divorce Lawyers will take your hand and lead you through all loops and holes, all the confusion and all the mistakes you may make if you didn’t have a lawyer. BC Divorce is complicated and expensive. I don’t deny that. But if you cheap out on the lawyer, you may lose way more than you spend on them. I’ve seen this first hand in so many cases, I don’t have a doubt. And i say this not even wanting your business… I have enough. But please, read the information below but don’t assume it will be all you need when you are caught up in a contested, or even uncontested divorce.  Talk to a Vancouver family lawyer before you take any court steps.

  • Types of BC Divorce

    The Divorce Act governs divorce in British Columbia and Canada. To be eligible for a divorce in BC, you or your spouse must be a primary resident of BC for at least one year. You may also obtain divorce if you or your spouse currently live in British Columbia or plan to reside here permanently.

    You must have grounds to divorce in BC. Valid grounds for divorce may include:

    1. Separation for at least one year;
    2. Adultery; or,
    3. Physical or Mental Cruelty

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  • Uncontested or Desk Order BC Divorce

    If you meet this criteria you are one lucky person. If both you and your spouse are amicable and reasonable, you will reach a settlement on all issues in your case. In this case, all you have to do is to let the court know and ask for a BC divorce. You do not have to appear in court, but rather the judge signs an order of divorce that incorporates your settlement terms. An uncontested divorce essentially means you agree on everything, including child support, child custody arrangements, spousal support and property and debt division. The costs of a Vancouver divorce lawyer doing an uncontested divorce if there are no children is $1500 plus taxes and fees, and $2,500 if there are children involved. Contact our divorce lawyers by calling 604-974-9529 or contact us. 

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  • Contested BC Divorce

    A contested divorce does not mean you contest the actual divorce, but rather the terms of your divorce which relate to money or custody. You and your spouse may ultimately be able to reach a divorce agreement through mediation. In fact, most divorces settle before trial. Although our experienced lawyers do all we can to avoid a costly, time-consuming trial, we are prepared to litigate your case in court if necessary to protect your rights.

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  • High Net Worth Divorce

    High net worth typically involves complex assets valued at more than $1 million. Common issues that may arise during a high net worth divorce include tax liability, valuation of businesses, income reporting, estate matters, spousal support, child support and damage control. YLaw Group regularly handles high net worth and high stakes divorces. Our seasoned  and award winning firm works with some of the most well-respected financial experts and evaluators in BC to accurately value your property and effectively protect your interests. Because family law is our exclusive practice focus, we have perfected our methods and continually refine our approach to deliver innovative, efficient, successful representation.

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Get Experienced Legal Advice from Our Vancouver Divorce Lawyers

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