Case: F.S. V. H.M (Oral Reasons)

Interim Spousal Support, Interim Property Division, Disposal of Family Assets without Consent

In this case, the husband had some bad spending habits and had sold and disposed of family assets without ever talking to his wife about it. He had left the wife to be with a new woman and had not provided any proper spousal support and was not even paying his 50% share of the family’s mortgage.

At the Hearing, he appeared before the Master and said that he had been fully supporting the family since separation when we knew he had not. Instead of arguing with him, the judge simply followed his word and ordered him to continue paying full support by making full mortgage payments on behalf of himself and his wife pending future Hearings. The reason was: if he was right in saying that he had been paying support, then he could very easily continue paying it!

Lesson from this case: Please be honest, otherwise you will lose more than you thought you would.



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