Groundbreaking case on Child Abduction, Wrongful Removal of Children and Wrongful Retention of Children.

YLaw’s latest BC Supreme Court Case has become one of the most important cases in the entire history of British Columbia on Child Abduction and Wrongful Removal. This case was reported on CBC, the Vancouver Sun, multiple child abduction websites, and later Leena was published with her story in the prestigious Canadian Lawyer Magazine.

The Story – Child Abduction

5 Years of Child Abduction 

The parents had two children together in Taiwan. Their relationship was unhealthy and destructive from the very beginning. On the birth of the second child (the girl), the mother went missing for two weeks but the parents eventually got back together. They raised their son and daughter for 3 years when things started to go sour.

The mother abducted both children to Hong Kong to get away from the father. But she didn’t have a good reason to do so as far as we thought. She did it mostly for the convenience because she met and later married another guy in Hong Kong. The father started going to court in Taiwan to get his children back. He was able to get his son back, but when he went to get his daughter, the mother denied that he was the father. The mother later did not attend any paternity testing and did not allow the daughter to have any contact with the father.

Mother Abducts the Child to Canada

Later she fled to Canada with her husband and the daughter. The father was able to track the mother down and came to Canada to us to represent him and get his daughter back.

This was a very difficult case because for better or worse, the daughter had not seen her father in 5 years and did not recognize him or remember him. She was 3 when she was abducted and now she was 8. The entire story was captured on camera by CBC. The mother eventually admitted that the father was the biological father.

Leena spent 2 weeks of sleepless nights, weight loss and extreme pressure and was able to win the case for the father. The father and daughter were reunited after 5 years and Leena’s take on the case are reported here.

This case was and remains one of Leena’s most memorable, challenging and life changing cases. It was reported and published on the BC Supreme Court Website. Click here to read it.

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