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Dec 10, 2018

LIVE UPDATES: The Meng Wanzhou Bail Hearing – Huawei

Dec 10, 2018

LIVE UPDATES: The Meng Wanzhou Bail Hearing – Huawei

The Meng Wanzhou Bail Hearing

Noon: Submissions of Meng’s lawyer: 

  • In support of the submissions, he says that Ms. Meng has discharged her onus of proof to show cause as to why she should be released.
  • He hopes tha through her own affidavit, her description of her lifelong employment with Huawei, her leadership role and her character references, he demonstrated that she is a woman of character and dignity. She is deeply respectful of rule of law and she will personally, without all of the technologically involved in electronic monitoring or those providing physical monitoring, she would still comply with the order.
  • Secondly, not insignificantly, she has an unblemished record. She has worked hard for the last 25 years to be a social leader and role model in China.
  • As she has deposed in her affidavit, it is inconveable that she would through her life away by failing to comply with her order.
  • He asks the court to asks itself, what motive she would have to flee. And in doing so, as mandated by the caselaw, when the court asks the question, the court should consider the nature of allegations, the strength of the evidence relied upon.
  • The allegations, in his submissions, are far from the most serious offences that the court is otherwise exposed to in the discharge of its duty. The evidence in support of the allegations against meng are far from overwhelming.
  • Ms. Meng will remain in Vancouver to contest extradition. If she is extradited, she will fight her good name.
  • Mr. Liu, the husband, has undertaken to be the community surety and will pledge both homes in Vancouver in her name and make a large cash deposit. The Surety they are proposing is 15 million dollars (value of houses and cash combined). Mr. Liu will work out of the home where she will reside and be by his wife’s side at all times.
  • In these unique circumstances, by any measure, Ms. Meng is a very prominent individual. Flight would, in these circumstances, and for her in particular, would be inconcevieable . She would never embarrass her father and the enormous company that she has helped build. Given her unique profile, as the face of a Chinese corporate national champion, if she was to flee or breach the order in any way, she would embarrass china itself.
  • Given the underwhelming case against her, it is not only highly improbable but inconceivable that she will breach any term of the order.
  • Finally, it is submitted that the community custody plan that has been put before the court should give total confidence that the dedicated and very experienced professionals, will administer personal and electronic monitoring to ensure that the order is complied with. They know that how they do their job in the case will be watched by the world. They will not put their reputation at risk. Science recovery has been used by the Ontario Courts. Lionsgate has retired law enforcement officers. They will discharge their duties to the Court with high level of professionalism and dedication.
  • Apart from Ms. Meng’s personal dignity, lack of motive to flee, husbands diligence as surety, and her desire to clear her name, the servants of the court will ensure that the judges order is complied with.
  • For these reasons, Ms. Meng has shown why she should be released.

11: 15 a.m., Lawyer for Ms. Meng is proposing that she posts her properties in Canada as surety as well. They are valued at $15,000,000.

10: 34 a.m., Lawyer for Ms. Meng is asking for her to be released and placed under private surveillance and supervision. She would have to pay for the company that will do it. The company, Lionsgate, encompasses retired police officers and other law enforcement individuals.

10:03 a.m., Ms. Wanzhou has entered the court room with her lawyer. She is smiling. Hearing has begun!

9:51 a.m.: So far a minimum of 11 lawyers are representing the parties and are getting ready for submissions. Wanzhou’s husband is also present.

9:27 a.m. : Numerous members of the Chinese media have arrived at the Court house. Lawyers and family members of Ms. Wanzhou have gone inside the court room to prepare for the hearing.

8:55 a.m. : There are already over 50 people lined up outside of the courtroom. The hearing starts at 10 a.m.. Taking pictures is not allowed and if anyone does it, they will get arrested by the police.  The hearing is taking place at the Vancouver Supreme Court.