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Dec 9, 2018

Get to Know the Judge Hearing the Meng Wanzhou Huawei Trial

Dec 9, 2018

Get to Know the Judge Hearing the Meng Wanzhou Huawei Trial

British Columbia Supreme Court Judge, the Honourable Justice Ehrcke, is probably the best choice for hearing the Menu Vanzhou trial and I will explain why below.  He has found himself as the decision maker in arguably one of the most important and intimidating political climates of 2018. He must apply the law instead of politics to decide the fate of Ms. Wanzhou. She is the daughter of the founder of Huawei. Huawei is one of the most powerful telecommunication companies in the world.

We at YLaw are doing our part in updating the legal and in depth arguments happening tomorrow at the BC Supreme Court. We are sending a lawyer who probably will have more knowledge and information than the media and news outlet in relaying what exactly happens in Court on in-depth legal arguments. Follow us on Twitter and Linkedin for our live updates! 

The Role of Canada in the Fate of Ms. Wanzhou

Hello, I am a lawyer. I woke up on Friday morning to find out that Canada, more specifically Vancouver, has found itself in the centre of a massive cross fire between China and the United States. Ms. Wanzhou was detained on a layover in Vancouver on her way to China. She was brought to the Vancouver Supreme Court for a hearing in front of Justice Ehrcke. My office is a few blocks from the Supreme Court. Prosecutors asked her to be detained without bail but the hearing went over time on Friday and is set to continue on Monday, December 10, 2018.

The two most economically influential and powerful nations in the world have found each other at odds over multiple issues lately, one of which is the fate of Ms. Wanzhou. Justice Ehrcke of the Vancouver Supreme Court must now make a decision which will guarantee one of these two nations will not be pleased. And moderate to severe consequences will follow from that decision, affecting relations between China, Canada and the United States; possibly the entire world. But the only choice Justice Ehrcke has, is to apply the law and maintain complete impartiality and neutrality regardless of any political threats. That is why I love with our legal system here in Canada. The legal system is not to be influenced by politics at all. No matter how loud the US or China yell.

United States and China have been stuck in intensive trade talks which have worried the world and the stock market in case they do not reach an agreement soon. In the middle of that mess and once a temporary truce was reached, Ms. Wanzhou was arrested in Canada through the request of the United States. United States wants her extradited, and if so, she will face a maximum of 30 years of each of the charges against her. These charges relate to her violating the sanctions against Iran despite China’s agreement to comply with same. China has sent multiple threatening messages to the world, warning of extreme consequences if Ms. Wanzhou is not immediately returned to China. It has already summoned the Canadian and United Staes ambassadors as a sign of retaliation.

Who is the Judge Hearing the Huawei CFO Trial?

The Honourable Justice William Ehrcke:

  1. Holds a Ph.D. degree in philosophy from the University of Calgary;
  2. Was one of the first graduates of the University of Victoria Law Program in 1978;
  3. Has been a Justice of the BC Supreme Court since 2003 or for over 15 years;
  4. Clerked at the BC Court of Appeal, the highest court of British Columbia; less than 1% of the top law students of Canada can clerk at the BC Court of Appeal. You pretty much have to be a genius.
  5. He joined the Ministry of Attorney General, Justice Branch, as a prosecutor in 1981. This branch focuses on criminal law.
  6. Since 1987, Mr. Justice Ehrcke was appellate counsel to the Ministry of Justice of BC. This means Justice Ehrcke represented the government on multiple high profile appeal cases which focuses on criminal law.
  7. Has lectured on many topics on criminal or constitutional law throughout BC;
  8. Is the author and co-author of several legal publications including the British Columbia Annual Criminal Practice. Yap, this too focuses on expertise in criminal law.

So yea, Justice Ehrcke knows a thing or two about criminal law. And Ms. Wanzhou has been charged with multiple criminal offences. Justice Ehrcke is one of the most reputable and experienced BC Supreme Court judges.

He has rendered decisions on some of the most high profile cases in BC, including the infamous Robert Dziekanski case and the Tamil Migrants case.

Justice Ehrcke will have a challenging day in Court on Monday on the Huawei trial. And we will be there to keep on updated on all the arguments, judge’s comments and the outcome of this case.

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