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Mar 18, 2018

The Best Family Law Mediators in BC Recommended by a Family Lawyer

Mar 18, 2018

The Best Family Law Mediators in BC Recommended by a Family Lawyer

I took a couple years and gathered data based on my own experience and from other family lawyers on who are the best family law mediators in BC. I am not getting paid to recommend the below family law mediators so don’t worry there is no intent to this post except to help you choose the right mediator for your family law case in BC.

My family law firm gets so many calls from people asking for recommendations on the best family law mediators that I decided to write this blog. I do not want someone to pay me $350 for a consultation for a simple question. My blogs are mostly about free access to legal information and justice so I will continue to write about these important issues and choices.

Please note though this is just general helpful information. The recommendations are the subjective outlook of some of us BC family lawyers. You are free and should do your own due diligence in picking the best family law mediator for your case.

  • Note: in most cases, the fees for the mediator is covered equally by both parties so please have that in mind as you read the below recommendations.
  • Also note: most mediators prefer for the parties to have their lawyers present during mediation. In these circumstances, mediation may only take 1 or 2 days. In cases where you self-represent, your mediation may take many days and meetings with the mediator. To find the best family lawyers in BC, click here.

The Best Family Law Mediators in BC

Note the following incredible mediators in no specific order:

Diane Bell, QC – Vancouver

Arguably the most famous family law mediator in BC, Diane Bell is known as the queen of dispute resolution. What most appreciate about her is her no BS personality and the ability to push people to settle rather than taking a passive approach. She has one of the highest success rates in settling family law cases and is respected by almost everyone. I have never met a family lawyer who has not been happy with her services. I believe her rate is around the $600 per hour mark. Note her schedule is jam packed so if you want to book a mediation, you will have to wait at least a couple months. You can contact her by clicking here.

Morag MacLeod, QC – Vancouver

I love this woman to pieces. She is a lawyer, parenting coordinator but best known as a mediator. She has a very kind and compassionate approach to her meditations but will not shy away from saying it as it is if you are being unreasonable. She usually does ‘shuffle mediation’ which means each party and his/her lawyer will sit in two different rooms and she will ‘shuffle’ back and forth to negotiate a settlement. Perhaps one of the best things she does is as soon as she knows there is a settlement on something, she will simultenously draft your separation agreement or consent Order as you are sitting in the room so you save a lot of money and grief in having to go away and having your lawyers draft and negotiate the agreement or court order. Her fees is in the $500 to $600 range I believe. You can contact her clicking here. Again, you would have to wait a month or two to get her but the wait will be worth it.

Georgialee Lang – Vancouver

Nowadays Georgialee only does mediation, arbitration and Court of Appeal cases. She again is not passive and will do everything in her power to push people to settle. She will not shy away from telling you about your chances of winning or losing your case given your position. Given that she has over 30 years of experience in family law, if I were you I would take her advice and wisdom and run with it. She is very charismatic and has the ability to connect with almost everyone – this is a great quality because you need to connect with and accept your mediator before being able to agree with her advice. You can contact Georgialee her by clicking here.

Kathryn Sainty, QC – Burnaby BC, but Travels Everywhere

Throughout her more than 30 years of legal career, Ms. Sainty has compiled a very  interesting background which involves being a lawyer, then a Judicial Officer and Registrar with the Supreme Court of BC, and then back to being a lawyer/mediator. She has a wealth of experience in dispute resolution and family law cases. She has a calm and collected aura about her and truly cares about settling your case. You will be in very good hands with your mediation if you pick her. Her hourly rate is $400 per hour. You can contact her by clicking here.

Larry Kahn, QC  – Richmond, BC

To me he is like the king of resolving very complex financial issues in family law. He has over 40 years of experience in family law and is the founding partner of his firm, Kahn Zack Ehrlich Lithwick. He works out of Richmond and has settled multi-million dollar acrimonious cases with ease. He is also a parenting coordinator and does not allow emotions to rule his mediations. If you are looking for a male family law mediator, he would be a great choice. I think his rate is $650 per hour but please double check. You can contact him by clicking here.

To learn on how to prepare yourself for your family law mediation in BC, click here. To learn about what Mediation really is and means, click here. 

*Leena Yousefi is a family lawyer and the founder of YLaw Group. She is the writer of this blog and is responsible for its content.