Ronak Leena Yousefi, Founder, Vancouver Family Lawyer


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Ronak Leena Yousefi
Founder & Family Lawyer


Voted as the #1 top rated Vancouver Family Lawyer in BC* , Ronak Leena Yousefi is the founder of YLaw and has also won over 90% of her family law cases from 2013 to present*. She has been the successful counsel on several ground breaking cases in British Columbia, including winning precedent setting cases on child abduction , property division, spousal support, child custody, child alienation and child support in BC.

Provincial and Supreme Court Judges have commended Leena on her outstanding and clear representation in court, with one commenting on her submissions as “thorough and clear” and another, thanking her for her “professionalism”, “able submissions” and the way she conducted herself at acrimonious and tenacious trials.

Awards of Leena Yousefi, Top Rated Vancouver Family Lawyer

Leena established YLaw Group and is leading one of the fastest growing Family Law Firms in Vancouver. Her track record is unmatched in Vancouver and in British Columbia. YLaw and Leena have won the following awards:

  1. #1 Top Rated Divorce Lawyer in BC by Lawyerratingz
  2. #4 Best Family Law Blog in the World by Blog FeedSpot, 2017. 
  3. Best Family Law Firm of Vancouver in 2015 by Top Choice Awards;
  4. Best in Class by Lawyerist
  5. Best in Class by IMA awards;
  6. Gold Winner by the Marcom awards;
  7. Platinum Winner of the AVA awards;
  8. Gold Winner, W3 Awards. 

Leena’s Track Record and Endorsements

Leena and her work in family law have been featured on:

Leena is a member of the following head organizations in BC:

  • Greater Vancouver Board of Trade
  • BC Chamber of Commerce
  • Canadian Bar Association
  • Trial Lawyers Association of the British Columbia. 

Leena has represented her clients at the BC Court of Appeal, BC Supreme Court and BC Provincial Court.

Leena’s Secret for Success

Leena has had the rare honour of appearing before the BC Court of Appeal in her first year of Call which is extremely rare. So is her success record against both junior and senior counsel. Her secret?

  • Her powerful mind;
  • Ability to connect with people;
  • Pouring passion and compassion in to her work;
  • Being completely unafraid;
  • Treating her clients like family. 

As a top rated Vancouver family lawyer, she prefers settlements over litigation. But if litigation is needed she will stop at nothing short of winning your full rights. She lives her life on the full and fast edge and is unafraid of taking challenging and multi-million dollar cases. She thrives on people not believing in her, and the more people question her abilities, the better she does.

Leena loves her clients and treats them like family. Being in Leena’s hands means trusting someone who does not ever take advantage of you or your case.  She wants to make sure you know you have an outstanding, honest and compassionate lawyer on your side who will give you her all.

Leena currently has a waiting list for new clients but if your case is unique, feel free to reach out to her at, and she may make an exception.

Your First Impression of Leena Yousefi

Leena will always greet you with a warm smile and an unpretentious, down to earth and honest demeanour which always finds itself in settlement negotiations and the court room. She has one of the best reputations with judges, other lawyers and in court as a family lawyer because she never misleads, she never lies and will always deal with you or anyone else with the most honest, transparent and passionate attitude you can think of.

Leena is extremely clear with her advice, will bend over backwards to protect you and will see you as nothing but family, a person who is loved and appreciated with all your goods and challenges. She accepts people just the way they are but has a no ‘bs’ personality which will make you appreciate the kind of person she is and when she promises you something, she will always deliver.

Why Leena is the Right Lawyer For You

Leena is one of the most successful family lawyers in BC because every time she takes on a case, she gives a part of herself, her heart and her brain to that case without expecting much in return. She cannot and will not detach herself from her cases and the people she helps. That is the key to her success because you will always be her family, and your happiness is her happiness and your sadness is her sadness.  Her intuition and honesty are the main ingredients to her uniqueness which cause her to win over over 90% of her cases from the time she began being a lawyer until now. She has the ability to connect with any judge and present the human, vulnerable and honest side of you. The side that will get the sympathy and approval of any judge. The side that shows the beauty in you, the challenges in you and the goals in you.

Her client reviews and testimonials speak for themselves and we invite you to read them to get a better idea for why she will be the perfect family lawyer for anyone with good intentions and a good heart.

 Leena’s Personal Life

Leena is unafraid and has always been that way. As a child, she was taught to be honest and compassionate. She has earned her legal reputation through her honesty and efforts which go above and beyond the normal standards of being a family lawyer.

Leena grew up with the vision of helping people and to this day, nothing makes her happier than leading her clients through the storm and into the next chapters of their lives. To her, family law is not always about winning or losing, it is about her clients knowing they have a trustworthy and capable lawyer on their sides who will do anything to ensure they are fully protected and represented in Court or in settlement negotiations.

Her unique vision for how a Family Law Firm should be run motivated her to start a Family Law Firm of her own. So far, it has been an ultra-successful experience with gratitude and honesty forming its pillars.

Leena was interviewed by 604now about her personal and professional life. You can find the interview here.

To contact Leena Yousefi, please call 604-974-9529 or email

*Rated as the number one family lawyer in British Columbia by and as the top 3 best lawyers in Vancouver by the voted as the best Vancouver family law firm in Vancouver by Top Choice Awards.