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Quinn McRae
Family Law Lawyer


Our Vancouver Family Law Lawyer, Quinn McRae, is an old soul with incredible intelligence and so many layers deep that you sometimes can’t help but to be positively blown away by the wisdom and depth she carries as a person and a lawyer. Because she believes in nothing but bringing out the best in everyone, her cases tend to settle quicker and in one of the most amicable, least expensive ways possible.

Quinn McRae’s Approach to Family Law

As a person and divorce lawyer, Quinn shines through in her relentless pursuit for justice and making sure her clients are involved and in control of every stage of their BC family law case. No matter how much you think your case may be acrimonious and not resolved unless there is a fight, Quinn is that one person who will show that creative solutions are not just possible but achievable through her expertise. She specializes in children’s interests above all, and has been successful counsel on multiple national and international cases relating to relocation and child abduction.

Quinn knows that the court and litigation process is slow, exhausting and expensive. She has made it her life goal to ensure that her cases are resolved quickly with as little money spent as possible. And most importantly, with her client being in control of the outcome of his or her case.

Above everything else, Quinn is an advocate who sees your long-term interests before you can even discover them yourself. She is wise, grounded and experienced beyond her years and has been through so many ups and downs in her life that she can connect with almost everyone she meets – whether it is her client, opposing party or opposing counsel.

Quinn’s Achievements and Success

To no one’s surprise and due her rare intelligence:

  • Quinn finished her university with numerous awards and scholarships.
  • She was a constant fixture as one of the highest achieving students on Dean’s List at the Wilfrid Laurier University and finished her Bachelor’s degree with Honours.
  • Quinn then entered in to law school at the University of Ottawa at an age younger than most other students. She finished law school with flying colours at the age of 24 and was a lawyer at the age of 25.
  • She then worked with one of the most prominent lawyers in BC, William Storey, on multiple ground-breaking cases on child abduction and children’s rights where she obtained vital experience in being an advocate and helping those who do not always have a voice or a way to communicate their wishes.
  • She got called to the British Columbia Bar in 2012 and has been practicing family law exclusively ever since she became a lawyer.
  • Quinn is also highly experienced in child support, spousal support, property and debt division, and divorce.

After a few years of practicing law, Quinn decided to add to her life experience by experiencing different cultures, people and diversities. She grew into a highly spiritual and deeply connected person who to this day, exerts a rare and positive energy to all those around her. Quinn has also built a holistic practice catered to healing different people from all walks of life. Quinn is further an artist and entrepreneur who likes to create and enjoy every part of living that life has to offer.

To check out Quinn’s personal site, click here.

Get to Know Quinn McRae

To get to know Quinn better, we asked her the following questions and here are her answers:

  • Who is Quinn? I am a healer, an artist, a philanthropist, a caretaker, a social justice warrior, an intellectual, and of course, a divorce lawyer. I find purpose and meaning in the service of others. Forever an optimist and dreamer.
  • What do you like about family law the most? The ability to help people in every facet of their lives during one of the most emotionally charged and stressful times. The fact that as family lawyers we often have the biggest impact on our client’s futures and can help guide their future successes makes me feel extremely full of purpose. Also, the challenge of balancing so many different interests within one case. I am very passionate about working with families that have children- giving these children a voice and advocating for their rights above all else.


  • Who are your favourite clients? Clients who like to be active participants in their own outcomes.


  • What makes you happy and what makes you sad? What makes me happy is to see that my presence, influence, or words having a positive impact on others. Also, connecting with people and experiencing life through multiple perspectives outside of myself. Laughing until my body is sore is another good one – so I love good humour. What makes me sad? The injustices of the world. Watching others struggle in any capacity, especially those who feel they have no control over their own lives.


  • What would you like to cross off the bucket list? Skydiving over the mountains and ocean. Kayaking with Killer Whales. Camping on a mountain top. Lounging in Bali or Fiji. Going to my Peruvian Shaman’s temple in the heart of the Amazon jungle to learn more of his medicine. Biking the countryside of Portugal and Spain. Doing a safari in Africa. Helping to build my own cabin in the woods, complete with a full vegetable garden.

Quinn McRae’s Community Involvement

As a member of Access Pro-Bono BC since 2011, Quinn has been very active in the Vancouver pro-bono community. She believes that everyone deserves access to the often overwhelming and expensive family law legal processes. She has also been very active with youth in the Greater Vancouver Region by leading high-school classroom discussions with students on how to follow their passions, introduce holistic healing practices into their life, and achieve a personal work/life balance in our constantly changing society

To get in touch with Quinn, email her at Quinn@ylaw.ca or call 604-974-9529. 

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