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Abib Ngom
Vancouver Family & Divorce Lawyer


Confidence, is the first impression you will have of Abib Ngom, our Vancouver Family & Divorce Lawyer. Confidence is one of the most important qualities a family lawyer can have to win at negotiations, settlements and most importantly the Court. This quality in Abib shines through the moment you meet him and carries itself in to the Court room which Abib has been to over 200 times and which he wins in, over and over again.

Abib is an ambitious lawyer with an insatiable thirst for success and client satisfaction. He is curious about his cases and that makes him think constantly about how to best protect his clients. Equally, he is a laid back, peaceful guy who will quickly get along with opposing lawyers and those around him, and will ease the tension in your family law case.

Abib Ngom’s Education and Career

Abib obtained his LL.B. in Civil Law and his Juris Doctor in Common Law from the Université de Montréal. He then moved to Calgary to practice family law. By the time he left Calgary, he had done over 200 court appearance and multiple highly successful trials against senior counsel in just one year. Abib is currently a member of the Law Society of British Columbia and the Law Society of Alberta.

Abib’s Success in Court Cases:

Some of Abib’s success on groundbreaking court cases include the following:

  1. Family Law Relocation Success: Abib was retained one week prior to an important trial on relocation or moving with a child in which he was the successful counsel. Trials are about the details of people’s lives, their strengths, weaknesses, facts, arguments, etc. Usually a lawyer needs much more than one week to learn the life story of his client and then relay it properly to the judge in the context of legal arguments, and then win. Abib took on the challenge of having to do all of that in a week, and succeeded.
  2. Parenting Time With a Child: Abib was able to convince a judge that his client deserved a second chance at being a parent after she was found to suffer from drug and alcohol issues. Although she was facing serious allegations of past substance abuse, Abib was able to counsel her and encourage her to prove to everyone that she had changed and would never repeat her past mistakes. That child now enjoys the love and care of both his parents, and has a mother who knows the privilege of being a parent. One that now puts her child as her utmost priority and will be the best parent she can be for that child.
  3. High Cost Award: Abib won a high cost award against an opposing party due to delays and inappropriate conduct during court proceedings. Abib will do anything to ensure his client is not harmed because of the conduct of others.
  4. Abib was co-counsel on a groundbreaking and successful case at the Alberta Court of Appeal.

Abib’s Court Experience

Abib has successfully litigated his client’s rights at the following Court and Tribunal Levels:

  1. BC Supreme Court;
  2. Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench;
  3. Alberta Court of Appeal;
  4. Provincial Court of Alberta– Family, Criminal and Family Division; and,
  5. Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution.

Why Abib is the Right Family Law Lawyer for You

FirstlyAbib is experienced in various areas of law ranging from family, to criminal, to civil litigation, and to wills & estates. All of these issues can be a part of family law so having knowledge in their legalities is a major asset. While Abib brings a breadth of creative and fresh experience to the YLaw team, the primary focus of his practice, as well as his strengths and interest, fall right in the area of BC Family Law.

Second, Abib is completely unafraid of taking on highly complex or contentious family law cases. He thrives under pressure and takes on any type of case with enthusiasm and curiosity. So, if you are dealing with an acrimonious case, Abib will not be afraid to take it on.

Third, Abib loves resolving and settling cases.. A lot of Abib’s successes happen outside of the courtroom. Being able to negotiate and settle matters for his clients, in a quick and non-confrontational manner, is what he strives to do. He has been able to settle many issues for client’s without requiring to go through the Court process, which is why many of his clients have been extremely happy with his services.

Many of Abib’s successes have been in cases that involve parenting and child support, as well as mobility. He has experience in many areas of family law, including: Custody, Access, Guardianship, Child Support, Spousal Support, Mobility, and division of property.

Your First Impression of Abib

Abib is tall, friendly, confident and observant. He is patient and will listen to your concerns. Next, he will provide you with a clear, simple strategy that will get rid of any confusion in your mind and will guide you towards a constructive settlement of your case.

In case you are wondering where Abib is from (like the rest of us), he is half Canadian and half Senegalese. He speaks fluent English and French, has lived all over Canada. British Columbia however has stolen his heart and he is here to stay.

Outside of law, Abib keeps an active lifestyle through his involvement in many sports and getting out to experience the natural wonders that British Columbia offers.

To reach Abib, drop him a line at 604-974-9529 or email him at abib@ylaw.ca

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