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Nassim Nasser
Family Law Lawyer


If you want a combination of a powerful mind and a compassionate soul in a Vancouver family law lawyer, look no further. Nassim Nasser is a highly successful family lawyer who not only holds a law degree from the prestigious Osgoode Hall, she also holds a Masters degree in computer sciences.


Nassim has what some lawyers don’t: the ability to form and write incredible arguments in addition to being good with numbers, and analysing situations systematically. This means she can use both logic and creativity in her arguments – winning ingredients to every successful Vancouver family law case.

Nassim has ran multiple high net worth and complicated trials at the Supreme Court of BC and the Provincial Court of BC against very senior counsel and won. She has also appeared before the BC Court of Appeal which is a rare honour for a lawyer her age. She has been counsel on multiple precedent cases including this case in which she  successfully obtained 6 years of BC retroactive spousal support which goes beyond the expected 3 years. One of her cases at the BC Court of Appeal was also selected by Top 5 magazine as one of the leading cases in the entire British Columbia.


Nassim is a tenacious advocate in court and a firm negotiator during negotiations and mediations. She will ensure you obtain a fair result regardless of the procedure. At the end of the day, nothing is more rewarding than a satisfied client to Nassim. She loves a challenge and looks forward to working on any type of family cases; however, her ideal clients include high net worth clients with complex asset structures.

If you hire Nassim to represent you with your family law case, you can be sure that she will provide you with:

  • alternative cost effective resolutions to your case;
  • knowledge of the law and all steps involved in resolving your cases;
  • multiple creative solutions to your case;
  • the likely outcomes of your case in court;
  • realistic cost estimates of litigation or settlements.


Nassim is a nature’s child. Not surprisingly, when she is not working on your case, you will find her skiing, hiking, camping, kayaking, or taking a walk with her little lovely dog.

To reach Nassim, email her at nassim@ylaw.ca or call 604-974-9529