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Julia Tchezganova
Family Law Lawyer


Our Vancouver family law lawyer, Julia (last name is pronounced: Chezganova), is a combination of charm, knowledge and compassion when it comes to settling or litigating your family law matters in Court.  She has her own child and family so she is sensitive to and understands what people go through during marriage, separation and divorce. When Julia was recognized by one of the top senior family lawyers in BC for her courtroom skills, she began her career in family law which has proven to be an ultra successful career for her. Julia has become the type of lawyer that you want to represent you if you need someone with top firm qualities and experience, but who gives you the intimate attention that your case deserves. Julia’s passion and dedication to BC family law is relentless, as is her analytical ability and her drive to achieve a fair and just result for her clients.

Julia, Leena and Nassim all worked for the same firm, and all learned from top quality senior lawyers who shaped their knowledge and experience in family law matters. Together, they are a force not to be reckoned with. They discuss all their cases together and come up with unified strategies, without charging for their time brainstorming and making sure the client is fully and perfectly represented.

Julia’s Education and Experience

After obtaining the Bachelor’s degree from Simon Fraser University, Julia attended the University of Victoria for law school which is the 2nd best law school in Canada. After spending a year abroad living in Indonesia where Julia worked to promote access to justice and human rights as a foreign legal consultant, Julia returned to Canada to article with a boutique law firm. She attended daily court hearings where she learned how to navigate the court system which trust us, is complicated.

Julia has worked on a variety of cases, including high net-worth family law files, as well as cases with issues pertaining to foreign assets and businesses, challenging parenting arrangements, and any other issues that deal with divorce and separation in BC family law. Julia has drafted numerous cohabitation, marriage, and separation agreements. She has successfully represented her clients during mediations and while Julia prefers to assist her clients to resolve matters outside of the court, she is not afraid to make sure that her clients are well represented if the case goes to Court. Julia is fluent in Russian and English.

Julia’s Personal Life

Julia is an avid theatre lover, giving preference to opera and classical music performances. Outside of theatre, Julia loves to spend time outside in her backyard or on a lake with her husband and son. When Julia has a moment to be alone, you can find her with a coffee and a good book hiding in a coffee shop or a reading section of any book store.